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Review: Expomin 2018, Santiago (Chile)

Review: Expomin 2018, Santiago (Chile)

Expomin 2018, Santiago (Chile)

The 15th edition of the World Exhibition and Congress EXPOMIN was held from 23rd to 27th April in Santiago (Chile). EXPOMIN is considered Latin America's largest mining fair and provides with a total exhibition space of 55.000 m² a comprehensive overview over the cutting-edge technologies of this industry. Like the previous exhibtions, the event was hosted in the Espacio Riesco Convention Center.


This biannual held trade fair is organized by FISA (Feria Internacional de Santiago) with support of Government of Chile and several specialist organizations like e.g. the Sociedad Nacional de Minería (Sonami), the Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de Chile (IIMCh) as well in cooperation with the Messe Düsseldorf (Germany). Target group of the EXPOMIN are primarily industry professionals and decision makers of mining companies, but also scientists, students and other people interested in the product spectrum presented.

HENFEL Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda.

HENFEL, part of RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION, had a booth in the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Manufacturer’s Association pavilion. The products in the field of mechanical power transmission, which aim to optimize the performance of the connected components and thus solving customers’ problems where presented to the industry visitors. HENFEL - Expomin 2018, Santiago (Chile)

Regarding the HENFEL product lines, the main featured products novelties where:

  1. The split bearing housings with special taconite seal that reduces bearing contamination and increases the lifespan of bearings,
  2. The fully split elastic coupling type HDFB, that allows radial assembly / disassembly operations and facilitates maintenance, and
  3. The hydrodynamic couplings HENFLUID NG, which can also provide radial mounting and dismounting, saving time in all related installation and maintenance operations.

All these products have a wide range of applications, especially in belt conveyors (drive and pulleys) and milling and grinding machineries (drive).

At the RINGFEDER product lines, focus was put on the Shaft-Hub connections as contempory solution which can be used to replace key connections or other less efficient fixation methods, thus improving torque transmission and maintenance procedures.

Also the Elastic Couplings were presented that are being launched for the South American market: The TNB, TNM and TNS elastic couplings have a wide range of applications on bulk handling and processing equipment in the mining segment.Belt conveyor drive with HENFEL and RINGFEDER products focused in South American Mining Market

Picture: Belt conveyor drive with HENFEL and RINGFEDER products focused in South American Mining Market:

  • (1A) Hydrodynamic Coupling,
  • (2B) Split Elastic Coupling HDFB,
  • (3B) Split bearing housing,
  • (4D) Electromagnetic Brake,
  • (5C) Shrink Disc,
  • (6C) Locking Assembly.


Diego Hernández, President of the Mining Association "Sociedad Nacional de Minería" (Sonami), brought it to the point at the end of the exhibition: "EXPOMIN is important for the industry, because it shows the state of development of innovation and technology”.

So all in all, the 15th issue of the EXPOMIN has again impressively demonstrated that this exhibition is an important platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and technology, that contributes to the innovation of the mining sector in Chile and Latin America. And industry experts assume, that as of this year many investment projects kept on hold so far will be released: This underlines the positive outlook on the further development of the mining sector in the region.