Keyless shaft-hub locking devices have been the cornerstone of the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION. For over 50 years, our product offering of internal clamping and external clamping locking devices and global support has been unparalleled in the industry.

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    TSCHAN products have a proven track record throughout the world in various technological applications: in the metal and steel industry, in transport systems, power generation, diesel-electric generators, mining machinery and in specialist solutions that use special drive in technology systems.

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    For more than 30 years, GERWAH has specialized in trailblazing couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering. Our portfolio includes metal bellows and servo-insert couplings. From industrial machinery of all kinds to servo systems, linear or high-speed Drivers- customers from all around the globe rely on the precision of our components.

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    RINGFEDER has excelled in offering premium quality locking devices to the market for almost a century. With the same outlook on quality, but at a more economical price, RINGFEDER is pleased to offer the ECOLOC devices for budget conscious customers.

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