Image Trailer

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Experimental Testing
RINGFEDER® Friction Springs

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Application Clip

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Installation of highly flexible and individually adjustable TSCHAN TNR coupling

Download: TSCHAN TNR installation

Demo Calculation Program

Calculation program for Locking Assemblies and Locking Elements

download: Demo Calculation Program

7006 ECOLOC <> RfN 7012

download: 7006 ECOLOC <> RfN 7012

Friction spring <> Coil spring

The operational comparison between six coil springs (right side) and one friction spring (left side, outer diameter 18mm) illustrates the advantageous characteristic feature of friction springs. The oscillations rapidly die down. download: Comparison between friction spring and coil spring

DEFORM plus® R

Load of a reversible DEFORM plus® R in slow motion

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DEFORM plus®

Load of a DEFORM plus® in slow motion

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Buffer with Friction Springs RINGFEDER® in the tube rolling mill with driven roller conveyor

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Shrink Disc Animation

Assembling process - Demo

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