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Which are the values that you set great store by in the management of RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION?
The contentment of the employees is a decisive factor for me. Instead of banking on a strictly hierarchical management style we prefer to involve our employees in decision-making processes and to endorse them with personal responsibility. Granting them maximum liberty when it comes to getting their job done is indispensable, too. Permanent monitoring inhibits creativity. For this reason we encourage our employees to management themselves. In addition, I think that treating colleagues as well as customers and business partners with respect is an elementary value. A company which allows jealousy and disagreement to prosper will not have any perspectives in the long run. Furthermore it is important to me to always have an open ear for the problems and concerns of my employees and offer them help and advice.

Which are the milestones that you have already passed with your company?

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION has successfully mastered the transition from a production-driven to a customer-oriented company. The best proof are the uncountable special solutions in our portfolio – and every day we work on new developments. By acquiring the GERWAH group and incorporating it into RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH in Europa and in the USA we have been able to expand our range of products by important components. The foundation of subsidiaries in India and China has been another successful step which has consolidated our position on the international market. Today we are a market leader in the field of shaft-hub connections and in other selected markets for couplings. The continuous double-digit growth reconfirms us that we are on the right track.

What are your objectives and strategies for the future to set RINGFEDER apart from competitors and remain tipped for success?

Everyone is talking about customer orientation but we live this principle on an every-day basis. It is important to remind each and every employee that our customers are top priority. This may not always be easy but it is the only way that this can work. It is a challenge that we are proud to meet. In addition, we focus on emerging markets to open up new business perspectives. Furthermore, our team is brimming with inventive ideas; our ambition is to turn them into competitive products and file a patent as early as possible. Of course, we offer competent, in-detail help and advice on the possible applications of our products and permanently develop custom-made solutions which exceed the general standard. In order to make sure that our employees are always up-to-date, we regularly invest in education and advanced training.

Where do you currently see the greatest challenges and opportunities?

In the era of globalization, customer proximity and coordination can present companies with a great challenge – and so does the development of new and innovative products. But the opportunities and rewards are promising, too, when you are able to be ahead of your competitors. However, it is crucial that the quality never suffers despite the time pressure. Patent application is always followed by an extensive series of tests before a product can go into production. Once the product has mastered the tests successfully, it has to be put on the market without delay. Another profitable opportunity is the investment in winning, maintaining and promoting highly qualified and motivated employees.

For a global player like RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION it is indispensable to open up new markets. In which countries do you see great potential and where less?

We see good opportunities for us as a company in China where we have only just started our market activities with our own subsidiary. In India, the situation is comparable. We have established ourselves firmly there; sales and market shares have been growing dynamically in the past. In South East Asian and South American countries we have our own employees to amplify our activities. Whether there is potential for us on the African continent, especially in South Africa, remains to be seen. In Europe we want to defend our market position. The only way to win new market shares here is to come up with new products. This holds true for the USA and Canada as well. We are already well established on the North American continent and can only grow by increasing our portfolio.

About Thomas Moka
CEO Thomas Moka runs the international businesses of the companies comprised under the roof of the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GROUP with branches in Germany, in the USA and the Czech Republic, in India and China. After completing his studies of general engineering at the University of Technology in Darmstadt and of economic science with a focus on marketing, he started his professional career as a trainee in the sales department of Mercedes Benz. Later on he worked as area manager for industrial motors at Honda. In 1996 he transferred to RINGSPANN GmbH where he concentrated on driving technology as product manager for shaft-hub connections. After working as sales director for GERWAH GmbH, Moka became CEO of the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GROUP in 2004.

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH is one of the leading manufacturers of premium components in the fields of shock-absorbing and keyless connection technologies. The diversified range of the global player can be divided into three segments: under its brand GERWAH, the company from Hessian Groß-Umstadt develops high-quality couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering. The product field RINGFEDER boasts innovative locking devices, damping elements and special solutions for individual power transmission needs. The brand ECOLOC includes cost-efficient alternatives from the premium range available for standard use. Thanks to international subsidiaries and representatives worldwide customers around the globe benefit from the know-how of the RINGFEDER group. CEO Thomas Moka runs the national and international business of the company.