Plug-in metal bellows couplings for backlash-free shaft connections

Plug-in metal bellows couplings for backlash-free shaft connections

GERWAH couplings convince customers all around the globe by their unequalled quality. The new series 'PKN' combines the proved and tested technical advantages of a metal bellows coupling with those of a plug-in connection. In contrast to other comparable solutions, the GERWAH couplings do not need any axial pre-load. They easen the mounting of shafts, while remaining completely backlash-free and electrically isolating, and even compensating misalignments. The 'PKN' series is available for a wide range of rated torques. A metal bellows made of high-quality premium steel and hubs made of aluminium prolong the durability of this coupling.

The 'PKN' series is your best choice when torque or rotary motion are to be transmitted from shaft to shaft with the greatest possible angular accuracy. These high-quality couplings compensate any radial, axial, or angular misalignments. When developing new elements, the RINGFEDER-engineers always turn their special attention to the quality of their products. Even small and less frequently stressed components are subject to the highest demands on reliability. At bore diameters of 3-40 millimetres, the plug-in couplings of 'PKN' show their advantages whenever a firm connection needs to be made in limited mounting space.

GERWAH Metal Bellows Couplings transmit the power between the hub of the coupling and the shaft by the pressure and friction generated between the contact surfaces. The absence of any parallel keys makes the installation or removal of the coupling child's play. So RINGFEDER has proved once again that economy and the highest demands on product quality are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Such improvements are made possible by consistent research and development. Thanks to its close co-operation with our customers, the RINGFEDER-engineers are always directly involved in solving your everyday problems.

Mechanical engineering, systems- and automation engineering: Machine designs that leave very little room for mounting or include spots that are difficult to access can easily be realized with GERWAH plug-in 'PKN' couplings.

Thanks to great torsional stiffness and transfer accuracy the elements are usable for many fields of application. GERWAH products of the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION group make cost- and time-intensive maintenance or repair work a thing of the past - lengthy downtimes in production are avoided right from the start.