Torque transmission in challenging environments

Torque transmission in challenging environments

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH is expanding its portfolio of shaft-hub connections // Stainless-steel series has been designed to be used in toughest conditions

By putting a new collection of stainless-steel locking assemblies and shrink discs on the market RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION adds five innovative products to its existing portfolio. Their high corrosion resistance makes the new arrivals the perfect choice to be used in humid and aggressive environments such as in the food and the pharmaceutical industry, in pump engineering or in laboratories. As early as during the construction phase, RINGFEDER set great store by a low-maintenance design – which involved eliminating wells to the highest possible extent to counteract the accumulation of dirt. On top of that, the stainless-steel products are extremely resistant against different cleaning agents. The stainless-steel shaft-hub connections consist of high-strength rings and special stainless-steel screws which allows for a significantly higher torque.

The range of locking assemblies now comprises four models which cover a wide spectrum of possible applications. Its slim design perfectly qualifies the locking assembly 'RfN 7012 stainless steel' to be used for the transmission of high torques and axial forces in confined spaces. It compensates small tolerance deviations and minor mounting errors. Installation and de-installation are extremely easy, since fitting is not necessary and the device self-releasing. The model is available in sizes from 19 by 47 millimetres to 150 by 200 millimetres. The maximum transmissible torque ranges between about 250 and 24.000 Newton metres depending on the selected size. The production series guarantees for safe torque transmission in chain and running wheels, in cable sheaves, pulleys as well as in belt drums.

The advantages of 'RfN 7013.1 stainless steel' are especially apparent when it comes to concentricity and dismantling. The reinforced flange prevents the inner ring from bending or lifting during assembly and maintains the locking assembly in shape. These characteristics make sure that the largest model reliably transmits maximum torques of almost 20.000 Newton meters. The increased outer diameter of the flange prevents an axial displacement of hub and shaft during the clamping process.

For medium torques RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION has developed the 'RfN 7061 stainless steel' model – a self-centring two-piece locking assembly. Due to the device’s design there is a minor axial displacement of the hub and the shaft during mounting. However, the reduced number of screws saves costs during production and time during assembly while disassembly can be carried out swiftly thanks to the few release screws, too. The locking assembly 'RfN 7110' without axial displacement is self-centring as well and in addition boasts an extremely compact design. The latter is due to the fact that the locking screws are located outside the clamping area and that the pressures are relatively low which results in a favourable ratio of inner and outer diameter.

The new stainless-steel range is round off by the shrink disc 'RfN 4061' which transmits torques from about 30 to 100,000 Newton metres depending on the device’s dimensions. By varying the screw tightening torque, the shaft-hub connection can be adapted to the individual requirements of the respective design specifications. Thanks to the split inner ring only relatively low forces and pressures act on hub and shaft. The hub can be mounted at any location of the shaft by means of standard tools; additional machining or fitting work is obsolete. And the shrink disc can be removed as easily as it is mounted: after loosening the locking screws the shrink disc will release smoothly and can then be move freely on the shaft.

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RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH is one of the leading manufacturers of premium components in the fields of shock-absorbing and keyless connection technologies. The diversified range of the global player can be divided into three segments: under its brand GERWAH, the company from Hessian Groß-Umstadt develops high-quality couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering. The product field RINGFEDER boasts innovative locking devices, damping elements and special solutions for individual power transmission needs. The brand ECOLOC includes cost-efficient alternatives from the premium range available for standard use. Thanks to international subsidiaries and representatives worldwide customers around the globe benefit from the know-how of the RINGFEDER group. CEO Thomas Moka runs the national and international business of the company.