• Locking Assembly selection - stainless steel

    This selection tool can help you find the right locking assembly (stainless steel model). Following selection criteria are available: transmissible torque at given TA, shaft diameter as well as two additional filter axial displacement (with or without) or self-centering (yes or no).

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7012 stainless steel

    RfN 7012 stainless steel

    Identical in design and function to the traditional 7012 device, this unit is made of stainless steel for applications requiring rust free installation. Torque capacity is somewhat reduced due to the nature of stainless steel.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7013.1 stainless steel

    RfN 7013.1 stainless steel

    These flange type units is made of stainless steel and fix the hub positively against their extended flange preventing axial movement during tightening. Applied wherever self-centering action and good concentricity of mounted components are essential and hubs with straight-thru bores are used. Available sizes: Metric series shafts from 20 mm to 150 mm dia. and Inch series for shafts from 1” to 4” diameter.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7061 stainless steel

    RfN 7061 stainless steel

    Self-centering 2-piece Locking Assem­blies for medium torques. During mounting, minor axial displacement of the hub occurs in opposite direction of the screw head. Due to the small number of screws, cost savings during mounting are ensured. For disassembly only few release screws are required.

    Product details and sizes

  • RfN 7110 stainless steel

    RfN 7110 stainless steel

    Specially small dimensioned self-centering Locking Assembly without axial displacement. As the locking srews are located out of the actual clamping area and the pressures are relatively low, the hub can be designed economically small.

    Product details and sizes